Sharing our thoughts on investment and retirement planning. Learn how you can grow your wealth to potentially retire earlier.

Why investing long-term without a strategy can be a deadly mistake

Are you buying and holding blindly for the long term? Here’s when buy-and-hold can be a deadly mistake!

Dangers of investing in REITs for passive retirement income in a volatile market

Should you invest in REITs for dividend income for retirement? What are the potential pitfalls you need to take note of?

The dangers of doing dollar-cost averaging blindly

Dollar-cost averaging is a popular investment strategy, but do you know it can be costly if you are just doing so blindly without paying attention to investment fundamentals or market movements?

Financial advisors spill the beans: How you can find a trustworthy advisor

Does your financial advisor use cookie-cutter investment strategies? Do they have a recession resilient investment framework tailor-made for your specific goals? Here’s the top secrets to finding a good advisor, as shared by some of the top financial advisors themselves.

Why some DIY investors lose money and what you can do about it

Some DIY investors lose money in the market. Here’s how you can avoid these mistakes.

Here’s why many Singaporeans are unable to retire early

Are you investing in the right assets to beat inflation? Is your portfolio a poor person’s portfolio or a potential millionaire’s? Find out why many Singaporeans are unable to retire early and what you can do.

Should you go to Robo-advisors if you just want to invest in ETFs and unit trusts?

Robo-advisors offer a low-cost and convenient way to invest. But can the algorithms really fit your investment profile and help you achieve your goals?

Investing your first $10,000? Avoid these expensive mistakes

How can you avoid losing too much money as a beginner investor? Here’s how NOT to invest your first $10,000.

Dreading your day job? Here’s how you can build multiple income streams so you can ditch your 9-to-5

Can you quit your day job and retire early with consistent passive income? Here’s how to build multiple income streams with a sound financial planning strategy.

Expecting a baby? Why preparing your child with ONLY a savings plan is not enough

Are you expecting a child or saving up for your child’s education? These expenses can add up due to inflation and other factors. Read on to find out how much you really need and what you can do to cover these expenses.

Many Singaporeans make these 3 retirement planning mistakes and it’s losing them money when they are old!

Using the wrong retirement planning strategy can cause you to lose money when you are old! Here’s how you can avoid them

Worried about recession? How NOT to invest during high inflation and high-interest rates

Worried about impending recession and unsure of how to invest during this high inflation and high-interest rate environment? Here’s what you should not be doing right now.

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